People have different reasons for starting their new year with Dry January or sober spring. For some, refraining from alcohol is a good way to shed some unwanted weight, save money, or support a friend.

Abstaining from alcohol also has unexpected benefits such as better sleeping patterns, an improved mood and more energy. But if you’re a newbie to it, going dry can be a little tricky. So, we’ve asked a few of our expert friends to share their top tips on how to survive going dry.


  • Be clear about your goal. Is your aim to go dry for a week, 2 weeks or a month? Remember it and stick to it.
  • Stay strong with your commitment and know your ‘no’. Think about what your response will be to confidently turning away a drink in advance.
  • Get a friend or friends to join you. It’s important to have a support network, especially when you’re new to it.
  • Tell everyone. This will make it real and a lot easier in sticking it out when you have friends and family who can hold you accountable.
  • Replace the alcohol with a new habit, hobby or healthier wine. Almost Zero is a great substitute for wine.
  • Pat yourself on the back. Rewarding yourself throughout your “going dry” efforts reinforces commitment. Do it after every week and maybe gift yourself with a bigger incentive once you’ve reached your goal.